Arts in Education

M.B. Seretean Grants

Bud SereteanThe Seretean grants are named for Mr. Bud Seretean, an early and generous contributor to the Creative Arts Guild. His friendship with Oscar Jonas led him to be a founding member and later chairperson of the Jonas Foundation. The Seretean Foundation continues to be a Jonas Foundation donor. As a tribute to his strong support of arts education, the Seretean Foundation honors his memory with these grants. 

The 2016 Awards

The O.N. Jonas Foundation and the Creative Arts Guild have announced the winners of the M.B. Seretean Foundation Arts In Education Grants. The grant is a competitive grant available to teachers in the Dalton Public Schools, Murray County Schools, and Whitfield County Schools. Grant funds may be expended in any area of the fine arts – visual arts, music, theatre and dance – to expand and enhance student arts experiences

This year’s winners are: Park Creek School (Dalton Public Schools), Coker Elementary (Murray County Schools), and Dawnville Elementary (Whitfield County Schools).

Coker students will develop Dynamic Student Video Productions. Broadcast journalism will allow students many avenues to practice speaking, writing, and technological skills. Working as teams, students will collaborate to produce morning announcements that are both engaging and informative. Dawnville students will study the abstract artist and musician Wassily Kandinsky. The Kandinsky Kids project will promote relating the approach of one famous artist to students’ views of their own artwork. Park Creek students will integrate sculpture, pottery, and tile-making into the existing STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) garden. Their plan is to identify various ways to incorporate nature and art.