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Creative Arts Guild Culinary Classes with Jasa Joseph

For more info or to regiester, email or call 706-529-3442.

Adult Classes

Kids & Teens Classes

Adult Cooking Classes

More information about upcoming classes coming soon!

Gather a group of friends and sign up together to cook along with Chef Jasa as she demonstrates the preparation of each recipe over Zoom.  She will talk about ingredient selection, prep, mixing, measuring, and cooking.

All classes are $25/Household.

Brunch Classes start at 11 am.
Dinner Classes start 6 pm.



Advanced Technical Skills

More information about upcoming classes coming soon!

6:00 – 9:00pm, $25/Class per Household

Advanced Classes are for culinary artists wanting to develop your knowledge of ingredients, techniques, and flavor development as well as technical skills. Classes include knifing skills and preparation of a basic recipe will be led over Zoom with Chef Jasa.


Camps and Classes Kids and Teens

Kids in the Kitchen

More information about upcoming kids/teen classes coming soon!

Join your friends on Zoom or cook with your family at home for this series of online cooking classes! Kids of all ages will enjoy having a hands-on opportunity to become more independent in the kitchen and will take pride in getting to enjoy the fruits of their labor at the end of each class.