Gallery Openings and Artist Receptions

The Creative Arts Guild Announces Three New Exhibit, Invasive! by Jeffrey Morton

Featured artist Jeffrey Morton's exhibit "INVASIVE!" continues in Gallery FIVE20 and those attending the Creative Arts Guild's First Friday event this Friday from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. will be able to preview the extensive art collection commissioned for the Anna Shaw Children's Institute on display in Jonas Hall.

Some of the artists will be present during the reception to discuss their work, art lovers will have an opportunity to help sponsor artwork for the Children's Institute, and Art Talking to Art performers will present original spoken word pieces. The reception is free and open to the public and light refreshments will be available.

A wonderful reveal!: Unveiling the Anna Shaw Children's Institute's Private Art Collection

Dedicated to the memory of Anna Sue Shaw, the wife of Engineered Floors founder and chairman Robert E. "Bob" Shaw, the Anna Shaw Children's Institute (to open this spring) will be a regional leader of and advocate for the care of children and families who are experiencing challenges of developmental delays. At the institute, patients and their families will be able to receive diagnoses, treatment and support, all under one roof.

The arts partnership for the Anna Shaw Children's Institute represents a community collaboration between the Creative Arts Guild, Hamilton Health Care System and the Whitfield Healthcare Foundation. The institute's woodland and tree house have provided a perfect canvas for artists of all mediums. Blending art into the environment of medical facilities has been shown to improve the well-being of patients of all ages, while also enhancing the emotional comfort of visitors and staff members. Institute Director Terri Woodruff explains: "Our talented local artists have thoughtfully created pieces which pair perfectly with the theme of the tree house for children. The artwork complements the environment while drawing in the playful personalities of wildlife native to our area, thus promoting a heartfelt relationship between healing and the arts."

Guests visiting Jonas Hall during Friday's event will have a chance to preview art that has been selected to coordinate with the building's thoughtful design. Patrons also will have a chance to help support the Anna Shaw Children's Institute's Private Art Collection through donations sponsoring their favorite pieces. Recognition will be provided within the facility for individuals, businesses or families that sponsor specific works.

"The unveiling of art created by local and regional artists underscores our commitment to the Anna Shaw Children's Institute truly being a reflection of our community and region. We are building a stronger, healthier community through a strategic partnership between the arts and health care. We are honored to partner with our artists and the Creative Arts Guild, and, we encourage community members to purchase these special pieces, filling this beautiful facility with art," said Jane Snipes, executive director of the Whitfield Healthcare Foundation.

In Gallery FIVE20 -- "INVASIVE!"

Morton, whose compelling work exploring the kudzu plant is featured in Gallery FIVE20, talks about how concepts of "place," "intrusiveness" and "permanence" have been influencing his art. He said, "If place, according to art critic Lucy Lippard, is the latitudinal and longitudinal map of a person's life, then my art has literally helped me find a home. As a transplant from the Northeast United States to Southeastern Tennessee, now 15 years ago, my art has taught me about the significance of being grounded in a place, a specific location. ... At first, I thought that this foreign plant (kudzu) doesn't belong here, and neither do I. But after crawling through the landscape of Signal Mountain, Tennessee, and navigating the invasive vine, making drawings and paintings from it, I have learned to love the strange plant and the landscape of my adopted home."

Art Talking to Art

The event will also include moments of Art Talking to Art. This collaboration with the Dalton Writers Guild will feature performances of prose, poetry and spoken word inspired by the artwork on display in the galleries. The performers of Art Talking to Art will create dialogue and help answer the questions "What does this painting say to you?" and "How does this piece make you feel?" Come see how one form of artistic expression can inspire another.

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