Gallery Openings and Artist Receptions

February Gallery Opening and Artist Reception:
February 2nd, 5:30 - 7:30 pm

The Creative Arts Guild has a proud history of bringing exceptional exhibits of art to the community and presenting them in its 3 galleries. Works displayed in Gallery Five20 and One11 are illuminated from above by an early system of track lighting, heavy cans that require careful adjustment from a tall ladder. The system was installed over 35 years ago, requires frequent repair, and is in serious need of replacement. The Creative Arts Guild Yart Sale is a new fundraiser to help with this facility improvement. The exhibition/sale will run from February 2nd through February 21st in Jonas Hall.

Local collectors and artist have donated beautiful pieces of art that just don't "fit" anymore while giving young art lovers and new collectors a wonderful opportunity to add to their collection. Paintings, drawings, pottery — all original work, all gently loved and ready for a new home, all are candidates for the sale!

Please contact Gallery Director, Savannah Thomas, with any questions or to participate: or 706-279-3129.

Also new this month is "Are you ready for some football!? — and other things you're fanatical about!", an exhibit by local artist Noah Stokes in Gallery One11. Stokes' paintings and drawings are often caricatures of movie stars, athletes, and other icons. When talking about his work, Noah says "Even though I use exaggeration I mix it with realism and add a dash of humor at times. The reason the caricatured form appeals to me is that it gives me a chance to paint more of what is there, to focus on what is true, to capture what strikes me as different or amazing, and to give what I see its proper due."

Finally in Gallery Five20, Eric Keller and Laura Willett's exhibit, Ascension" will continue on display. These two artists met in college and began collaborating. Over the past 20 years, the married couple has worked together at the Hunter Museum of American Art in Chattanooga, helped create an artist cooperative, kept professional art studios and presented many shows. Both work as art teachers in their local community, Laura in her seventeenth year at Baylor School in Chattanooga and Eric in his fourteenth year at the Chattanooga School for the Arts and Sciences.

Laura's work features oil paintings of winged insects, mainly butterflies, on copper. Inspired by the beliefs of some ancient cultures that butterflies are symbols of the human soul, she uses them to represent change and growth as well.
"Focusing on growth of the human spirit by painting butterflies -- the mythological symbol of joy, the essence of happiness, and hope for positive change in the world -- is an act of catharsis during these challenging and uncertain times," she said.

Eric's works involve a hot wax technique that incorporates oil paint, drawing and glazing that produce a layered, weathered surface. The paintings "shift between concrete representations to dreamy abstractions." His approach leads him to make many works at a time, often spanning many years before completion.