Gallery Openings and Artist Receptions

July Gallery Opening and Artist Reception: July 13th, 5:30 to 7:30pm

The Creative Arts Guild is pleased to announce a new exhibit opening Friday, July 13th, at 5:30pm in Jonas Hall at the Guild’s facility, 520 West Waugh Street, Dalton, and includes a reception offering art lovers a chance to talk with the artists themselves about their work. Collectively, artists Phyllis Burkhart Wilson and Lana Wilson have been making art for over 50 years — and the Guild is very pleased to be able to present their work side-by-side for the first time.

About Phyllis Burkhart Wilson: “In 1983, I began to experiment with ink, graphic pencils, and watercolors. Being able to express my innermost spirit with the elements of painting is an exhilarating experience, a gift from God. Natural settings and music inspire me to create contemporary paintings using watercolors and colored pencils.” Phyllis’ paintings have been included in numerous juried regional exhibitions and are also in included in many private collections. About Lana Wilson: “My works represent a very contemporary approach to painting. In an unorthodox approach, the act of making art becomes more important than the actual image. I am involved in each creation by responding to forms which develop images over images, lines, spacial formats, and colors pleasing to the eye and stimulating to the mind.”

Art Talking To Art

In addition to presenting the new exhibit, we will be offering our first "Art Talking To Art." This collaboration with Jody Harris and the Dalton Writer's Guild — will present unique performances of prose, poetry, and spoken word inspired by and paired with the artwork on display in our galleries and our sculpture garden. Performers: Jody Harris, Sherry Patterson, Cat Pyne, Angelina Vaquera-Linke, Joe Vidalez, Cynthia Wilson, and Marjorie Yambor. Art Talking To Art will offer glimpses to viewers/listeners of how a specific work of art might answer the question “What does this painting say to you?”, or “What does this sculpture make you think about?” Come see how one form of artistic expression can inspire new artistic work in a differing form of expression! Come see how Art is Talking To Art at the Creative Arts Guild!

Outsider Art Exhibit Continues:

Continuing on display in Galleries FIVE20 and ONE11 through July 27th: “The Genius & and the Ingenius, The Obsession and Influence of Outsider Artists”, an extraordinary exhibit curated by local sculptor Chris Beck. “Outsider Art” generally refers to various forms of creative expression that exist outside accepted cultural norms, in particular the norms of “fine art”. In the broadest category are works termed “Folk”, “Marginal”, “Self-Taught”, “Intuitive”, “Naïve”, and “Visionary”.

As always, the Creative Arts Guild Gallery Opening and Artist Reception series is free and open to the public. Light refreshments and beverages will be available.

Please contact Gallery Director, Savannah Thomas, at 706-279-3129 or for more info.