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Private Music Lessons

The Guild offers private music instruction with the following: Brass instruments, flute, guitar, percussion (drums), piano/keyboard, recorder, saxophone, violin, and voice. Lessons are typically thirty minutes of private instruction each week. Students may begin lessons anytime during the year depending on availability. Private music lessons are $20 per 30-minute lesson. Lessons are paid on a monthly basis and are held at 520 West Waugh Street.

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Music for AardvarksMusic for Aardvarks and Other Mammals is…

16 original CDs, with over 250 songs and counting. Music videos airing daily on Nick Jr TV. Live performances by the Music for Aardvarks Band. And bar none, the most imaginative and original interactive music class for babies and toddlers out there.

Music for Aardvarks and Other Mammals is a class geared toward children aged 6 months thru 5 years that incorporates a wide variety of musical activities, including singing, dancing, musical storytelling, instrumental jam sessions and musical puppet play. The original material used in class uniquely reflects and celebrates the lives of children growing up in an urban environment, as well as more traditional themes universal to all children.

A Simple Philosophy

Provided with a stimulating and fertile musical environment, positive role models, gentle guidance and encouragement, young children will have enriching and vital musical experiences that help them gain a sense of themselves and a connection to the world they live in.

Goals and Expectations

A Music for Aardvarks and Other Mammals class is a place where children can experience music in a rich variety of ways. Whether actively participating or simply listening and watching, children are learning in ways that are right for them as individuals, and at their own pace. A more instructional approach, with a focus on specific results, is not only age-inappropriate but totally unnecessary for their musical development. Exposure to musical experiences, guidance and parental modeling allows young children to explore and learn on their own without the anxiety of others expectations.

Parents as Models

Parent/caregiver participation in class activities is strongly encouraged. Whether you consider yourself to be musically inclined, or someone who can't carry a tune to save your life is of little importance when it comes to the positive impact your participation will have on your child. Your willingness and enthusiasm are invaluable assets to the group as a whole and exemplify for your child that joining in is not about "performing" but having fun. And by the way, if Music for Aardvarks and Other Mammals isn't fun, demand your money back. Hope to see you in class!

Founder David Weinstone attended Berklee College of Music, where he studied theory, composition and guitar. He came to New York to pursue a career as a singer/songwriter. He has written and recorded for film, radio and television. David is also a parent and enjoys cookies and milk.

"I think parents find the stylistic diversity in the music exciting. The element of surprise both musically and lyrically. The different energy levels. And I also think they recognize it as being authentically original and intelligent compared to other children's music.... My writing is full of traditional folk, pop and jazz, classical and Latin influences, but I've grown up listening to The Ramones, David Bowie, Brian Eno, Lou Reed and Nirvana.... I would like to see us (as a culture) introduce music to children with the same kind of intelligence and creativity we introduce them to the other arts. We have a wonderful theater for them. Wonderful children's literature and art. Why should they be listening to the equivalent of stick figure drawings?" - David Weinstone, MFA creator

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Our next session of Music For Aardvarks will be starting soon! To get more information about this program and to register for a class, please contact Lisa Elders at (706) 259-1822 or

Summer Camps

Music Olympics Camp
June 12-15
10 am - Noon
Instructor: Michaela Brock

This camp is appropriate for students at a variety of levels: from students with no musical background to students who can play their instrument at a late-elementary level. Our goal is to teach cooperation and teamwork, while having a blast learning and reinforcing basic musical concepts. Many of the games will involve water, so participants may wish to wear swimsuits under their clothes. The camp concludes with an award ceremony for the winning team and their individual achievements.

Music of the World
June 17-20
10 am - Noon
Instructor: Michaela Brock

This camp is appropriate for students at a variety of levels: from students with no musical background to students who can play their instrument at a late-elementary level. Our goal is to increase the students' awareness of and appreciation for cultures that are different from their own.