Culinary Arts

Meet the Chefs

Jasa Joseph

Georgia native Jasa Joseph has had more culinary experience than many industry professionals twice her age. Joseph grew up surrounded by food in her hometown of Dalton, Georgia where her family ran and operated numerous local restaurants. At the ripe age of 18, the southern belle ventured to New York City in pursuit of her passion to become a chef and attended The French Culinary Institute in Manhattan.  

After graduation, Joseph took a position at The Surf Lodge outside the city, in Montauk, New York. It was here that she met her mentor, Sam Talbot. Widely known for his role on the 2nd Season of “Top Chef”, Talbot took Joseph under his wing in the midst of his rising celebrity status as one of New York City’s most accomplished and buzz-worthy chefs. As an Executive Sous Chef, Jasa helped head up the food program at the venue, a hip nautical meets bohemian restaurant that was renowned in the area for its organic vibe and superior use of fresh local ingredients. 

In addition to her prominent role at the Surf Lodge, Joseph toured the country with Talbot as his “right-hand chef” at premier events including press dinners and celebrity galas. Most notably, Jasa led the kitchen at the prestigious James Beard House for Talbot’s dinner in 2010, which is one of the most coveted culinary opportunities for chefs in the country, as well as at the nationally recognized New York City Wine & Food Festival and the Scottsdale Culinary Festival. Jasa found herself growing restless in the Big Apple and in 2012 decided to move to San Diego in search of a new challenge. 

Jasa was a part of the culinary duo leading the food program at the OB/Point Loma casual eatery, Sessions Public, where she put her impressive portfolio to good use with the restaurant’s elevated gastrofare. Joseph later took a position at Cafe 21 in San Diego. Here she helped innovate new ideas to their brunch menu, splitting her time between their two locations, one in Gaslamp and the other in University Heights. Cafe 21 mentality is all organic farm to table food. 

Joseph decided it was time to return home to Georgia in 2014. Chef Joseph was Executive Chef at Walnut Hill Farm, a family owned and operated event venue. She is now Executive Chef at The Farm Golf Club. When she’s not in the kitchen, the outdoorsy chef can be found hanging out with her family, exploring good restaurants and seeking out farmers markets.