Visual Arts


One Woman's Viewpoint
By Artist Janice Kennedy

On Display August 3rd thru 22nd

Janice Kennedy grew up in Alabama and graduated with degrees in math and science. When she began studying painting a few years after retirement, she admits to struggling. In the math and science arenas, solutions are pretty much defined. You either get the answer right or you get it wrong.

But with art, the artist gets to define what she wants the finished product to be. It took her a while to come to grips with that concept but when she did, her world became much broader and interesting. Before, if she had been asked, she’d have said without much thought that ‘trees are green, the sky is blue, sunflowers are big yellow flowers, blah, blah, blah..’. Studying art has made her much more aware of her surroundings and the nuances of design and color. Because she started creating art later in life than many other artists, she feels driven now to try different approaches and media. She first learned watercolors, and then progressed into acrylics and mixed media. Along the way, she has also tried her hand at wood turning, pottery and assemblage making.

Her show indeed is One Woman’s Viewpoint….hers. Many of the paintings and assemblages in the August show at the Creative Arts Guild are depictions of moments captured in everyday life and presented in her own unique impressionistic style. The world is full of glorious moments given to us from the earth, the sky and everything in between. These are all presented for your enjoyment from her viewpoint.

About the Artist:

Janice Kennedy of Ringgold, Georgia, received a Bachelor of Science degree in mathematics and physics. She came to Chattanooga from Athens, Alabama, to begin a career with TVA. It was only after retiring that she began experimenting with the arts. She has studied the mediums of watercolor, acrylic and mixed media. 

She has also studied the art of woodturning. She has exhibited her work at several venues in the Tri-State area and has an online shop on Etsy. It can be accessed through  Her art is in private collections throughout the United States and internationally.

She is a charter member of MMIA ( Mixed Media Inspired Artists) where she served as Exhibit Chairman for 3 years. She is a member of the Civic Arts League, Inc. where she held the office of President from 2013 – 2015. She is also a member of the North Georgia Sky Painters Society and the Broad Stroke Artists. She has past memberships in the Tennessee Watercolor Society, Art Alliance of North Georgia, and the Tri-state Wood Turners Association. She has served as the art coordinator for the Friends of the Catoosa County Library. She also serves as a short-term foster mom for abandoned animals through the North Georgia Animal Alliance.