Visual Arts


For Which It Stands: A Statement of Symbolism & Cultural Identity

Flags carry meaning and ignite passion.

They unite or divide, shelter or expose, inspire or cripple.  

As symbols of ideals, values, vision, or heritage, flags are tools we use to
define who we are and what we believe. Flags express our allegiance to 
a greater cause, and act as a banner for the groups with which we align. 

Chris Beck

Chris Beck is an Alabama Native who currently resides in North Georgia. 
From a young age, Chris expressed an interest in art, and he had
supportive parents who encouraged his creative talents.  After earning
a BA in English, Chris began a homebuilding career in Atlanta where he
was introduced to self-taught art.  In 2006, Chris met Alabama art
legend Charlie Lucas who encouraged Chris to “find what’s inside”. 

Inspired by Lucas’ work, Chris purchased a second-hand welder in
January of 2007 and began working with metal.  Chris’ work has been
recognized through numerous awards, magazine and newspaper
articles, museum purchases, and public art installations.  Chris’ work is
widely collected both nationally and internationally.