Jody Harris featured at First Friday

First Friday in Gallery 111

July 1 - 5:30 p.m.


KRYLON & BEYOND - An Installaion by Jody Harris

KRYLON & BEYOND is a art installation by award winning visual artist and Dalton native Jody Harris. It is visual mixture paying homage to the genre of street art, graffiti and afro-folk art using photography, paintings, homemade sculptures and found items. Jody's influences include the graffiti scene in Atlanta in the early 90's and New York in the 80's.This art display is the first art installation at the Creative Arts Guild in over eight years and should be visually captivating with bold colors and more. Jody works as a painter, sculptor, poet and cultural historian. All of these will be evident in this eclectic installation. Jody dedicates this installation to his little brother Jamie "PV" Harris and his cousin Jonathan "Rambo" Burse.

Writers Guild Meeting July 6th

quill pen 1aThe Dalton Area Writers Group will meet Monday, July 6 at 6:00pm in the Jonas Performance Hall of the Guild located at 520 West Waugh Street, Dalton.  Open to the public. Annual dues are $30 but there is no charge for visiting to learn more about us! 

More information: Jim Sneary at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Karli Land at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. 


2nd Annual Low Country Boil! A Recipe for Fun!

A delicious, refreshing start to the Summer!

LCB Basket of GrubWhat better way to celebrate the beginning of summer than with good food, cool beverages, and great music?  The Creative Arts Guild really served  it up at the 2nd Annual Low Country Boil and Cook-Off on Saturday, June 20th.  Oh, and great music also meant great dancing! Think “60’s” rock n’ roll and classic beach music! The Idol Rejects played all those great sun-tanning, surf-riding, clam-digging, board-waxing, shag-dancing, party songs that everyone loves.

 It was a fabulous & fun family event!

T Lady and the Shrimpettes LCB 2015This evening of fun took place on Saturday, June 20th from 6:00 PM until the food was gone and the dancing was done.  The celebration included a variety of savory low country dishes served up by competing teams of good-natured chefs each vying for “Best of” awards, one of which was the People’s Choice Award.  LCB Cathy Snyder Dishing It Up RZEveryone got to sample food from each team’s table and then vote on their favorite recipes.  Naturally, good low country cooking goes best with a cold drink; there was plenty of iced tea, lemonade, beer, sangria, and soft drinks.

Above: The  Winners of "Most Unique Recipe," "Best All Around", and "People's Choice":  "T-Lady and the Shrimpettes." 

At right: Cathy Snyder of team "Cotton Pickin' Good".

More than 200 people enjoyed low country dishes and danced the night away to Carolina Shag music Saturday at the Creative Arts Guild's Second Annual Low Country Boil Cook-Off. 

 This year's contenders:

Participating in the Cook-Off were six teams comprised of local chefs hoping to be awarded titles such as "Most Unique Recipe" or "Best Smack Talkin'." Judging the competition were Mayor Dennis Mock, Lori McDaniel and Joey Parrott.

"CCR," made up of Stephen and Amy Cole, and Tim and Amy Ross, took home the "Most Enthusiastic Team" award. "Cinderella Story," with team members David Aft, William Bronson, Bill Davies, Zach Hash and John Wilson, was awarded the "Best Decorations" prize.

"Cotton Pickin' Good," including chefs Cindy and David McCreery, Diane and Dan Rogers, and Cathy and Steve Snyder, won the "Best Smack Talkin'" award, while "Holy Smoke," made up of Wayne Bell, Kenneth Harless, David and Mary Julian Renz, Greg Renz, and Jim Touey, were honored with "Best Side Dish."

"T-Lady and the Shrimpettes," including cooks Zack and Anna Adamson, Will Dendy, Jason and Stephanie Reynolds, Michelle and Clay Shaw, and Lee and Toki Starks, swept the competition, winning the "Most Unique Recipe," "Best All Around" and "People's Choice" awards.

Judging the competition were Mayor Dennis Mock, Lori McDaniel and Joey Parrott.

Thank You!

The Guild would like to extend thanks to the sponsors of the event, Mohawk, Shaw, the City of Dalton, the Dalton-Whitfield Community Foundation of Northwest Georgia, and Barrett Properties for their support. Thanks are owed as well to the Low Country Boil Committee, made up of Cathy Snyder, Diane Rogers, Cynthia Wilson and Alana Langford, and additional volunteers Brandon Langford and Monica Elrod.

Creative Arts Guild also thanks the Idol Rejects for providing a soundtrack for the event and all of the attendants and judges for making the Second Annual Low-Country Boil Cook-Off a memorable night and a success. 

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First Friday Gallery Opening and Artist Reception June 5th


The Creative Arts Guild held its June 2015 First Friday Exhibit Opening and Artist Reception Friday, June 5, 2015.  The exhibits are on display at the Guild’s facility at 520 West Waugh Street, in Dalton.  Don't miss the wonderful opportunity to see these unique works of art.  There is no charge and the Guild is open weekdays from 9:00am - 4:30pm.


Sin Twisters Art Lisa Q Caldwell and Laurie C Steele RZLisa Caldwell CurrentsThe exhibit displayed in the Main Gallery is titled “Sin Twisters” (a twist on twin sisters), a two-artist exhibit of Lisa Q. Caldwell’s mixed media paintings and Laurie C. Steele’s hand built ceramics. This show marks the second time the two artists have exhibited together. "Sin Twisters" started their journey at Berry College, Rome GA in 2012. The theme for the CAG show incorporates the elements of earth, air, fire and water with a unique perspective on nature that moves seamlessly from Lisa’s paintings to Laurie's clay vessels.Laurie Steele Pile of Mood StonesLisa Caldwell Maiden of the Water Lilies Sin Twisters Art is described as twisting traditional media of canvas and clay into unusual form and imagery blurring the line between reality and dreams. Paints and glazes, bugs and shed snake skin flow with other assorted curiosities to intrigue the onlooker.

Read more about the artists and their exhibit

Also, more at Lisa Q. Caldwell Fine Art on fb: facebook logo xxrz 



Del Martin croppedDel Martin Sketch of Cheetah resting RZPopular local artist, Del Martin, returned with a new show in Gallery 111. A lifelong artist, Del Martin lives in Atlanta but was born and raised in Dalton. As a girl, her work was displayed at the annual Creative Arts Guild Firehouse Festival, where her barn-wood paintings and custom-decorated river rocks were popular for many years. Her paintings and original works have been featured in galleries in Atlanta, Athens, Ga., and Michigan. Her “Santa Gourds,” paintings and other original works reside in a number of private collections as well.

Del Martin Yellow Peppers RZDel Martins watercolor of giraffe RZplusDel's work is always fresh and always illustrative of her wonderful imagination and skillful techniques.  This year's show will be no exception; do yourself a favor and drop by First Friday to see what she is exhibiting now.  


Read more about the artist and her show.  Find Del on fb: facebook logo xxrz



Miniature Arrangement2 June 2015 RZIn the Jonas Performance Hall, the winners and all entries in the annual Dalton Flower Show (June 4 and 5) were on display Thursday and Friday, June 4 - 5.  Awards were made for entries in two main Divisions with various subcategories.  Division I - Design includes Formal Centerpiece, Casual Centerpiece, One-Sided Arrangement, Bed Tray, Miniature, Oriental, Novice, and Designers' Choice.  Division II - Horticulture includes Potted Plants (Blooming), Potted Plants (Non-Blooming), Cut Flowers, Herbs, Trees, Vines, Shrubs, and Ground Covers.  (Due to the naturally short display time of fragile floral arrangements, the exhibit was retired Friday night.) 

For more information about the Dalton Flower Show call: Brelinda Bolles (706) 226-2154 or Leanne Lawson (706) 278-0168.

For information about the Sin Twisters Exhibit and Del Martin's show, please contact Leanne Lawson at (706)217-6677, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; or Visual Arts Director and Gallery Manager, Bradley Wilson at (706) 279-3129, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..