Arts in Education

Spigel Prize Winner 2021

The Creative Arts Guild is thrilled to announce North Murray High School Senior, Cason Glover, as our 2021 Spigel Prize for Excellence in the Visual Arts Winner!

Cason Glover has been drawing all his life but says that he didn't get serious about it until middle school. Creating his own worlds and unique characters, he finds drawing them to be a great outlet for his creativity. When he first began pursuing art he primarily drew realisticly, but soon discovered that realism brought him no joy in the creative process and felt stifled. While he still believes that realism and studying from life is an important foundational skill, he soon began drawing things that were his own creation instead of basing it soley on source material.

Cason Glover's inspirations come from elements of astrology and aspects of space. He loves to use these aspects to explore both character design and illustration. While his preferred medium is copic markers, which allow him to emphasize color when bringing a piece together, he also uses colored pencils, gouache, and watercolors. His use of color allows him to emphasize the characters’ moods and personalities. Ultimately, his drawings focus on world building and he hopes they instill curiosity in others with each piece. Cason cites Sara Tepes, Yana Bogatch, and Jean Giraud as some of his main influences.

Cason Glover was recently featured on billboard after winning a mascot contest in Chatsworth as well as featured in the Dalton Daily Citizen for a game day poster he created. In addition he has won first place district-wide for the Georgia Farm Bureau contest and received 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place for art shows held at North Murray High School. Most recently he exhibited at Hetzel art studios in Cleveland, Tennessee.

After graduating, Cason looks forward to pursuing further education to build upon his skills and ideas, and is considering majoring in sequential arts, graphic design, or illustration.