Arts in Education

Student Arts Expo

March is Arts in Education Month at the Creative Arts Guild and the 54th annual Student Arts Expo is a big part of the celebration. All Whitfield/Dalton and Murray County public, private and homeschool students are invited to exhibit their art. Attached you will find information regarding Student Arts Expo 2017. All Pre-K through 12th-grade exhibitions will be on display March 3rd - March 24th to allow time for families and friends to see the student artwork. Elementary and Middle Schools will exhibit in the Performance Hall and High School students will be in the Main Gallery.

The Student Arts EXPO 2017 student art exhibitions will be open to the public at the Creative Arts Guild, Monday – Thursday, 10:00 am – 6:00 pm and Friday and Saturday, 10:00 am – 4:00 pm. Please call the Guild to schedule field trips, 706-278-0168. 

Student Artists Awards will be posted during the Friday Artist Reception March 3rd, 5:30 – 7:00.

Congratulations to all of our 2017 Student Artists!
This year's winning students are:

Pre-K  First Place     Kayla Chamul     People Eating Ice Cream     Murray County Pre-K 
Second Place     Jacqueline Ochoa     Mom Growing An Apple-Lemon Tree     Murray County Pre-K   
Third Place     Sofia Vasquez     Pink Rocks     Park Creek 
Honorable Mention     Liam Huggins     Snowman      Murray County Pre-K 
Honorable Mention     Gage Miller     A Bunch of Nice Spiders     Murray County Pre-K  
Kindergarten  First Place     Christopher Jimenez     Blue Dog Dreams     Varnell 
Second Place     Rocio Sandoval     Splat      Varnell 
Third Place     Melody Zamora     Shape     Roan 
Honorable Mention      Maria Estrada     Untitled     Varnell 
Honorable Mention      Miklayne King     Self-Portrait     Westwood 

First Grade 

First Place     Adrian Arguelles     Luy     Brookwood 
Second Place     Perla Hernandez     Primary Color Monster     Roan 
Third Place      Kamilla Torres      Untitled     Brookwood 
Honorable Mention     Aaron Vega     Untitled     Brookwood 
Honorable Mention     Wells Wilkerson     Pointillism Apples     Westwood 
Second Grade First Place     Reece Elliot      Summer Time     Varnell 
Second Place     Melanie Fernandez     Ice Cream Cone     Roan 
Third Place     Lizzie Reese     Untitled     Brookwood  
Honorable Mention    Andrea Hernandez     Eric Carle Fish     City Park 
Honorable Mention    Taylor Nietzsche     The Giraffe     Park Creek 
Honorable Mention    Andrea Suarez     Giraffe World     Park Creek 
Third Grade First Place      Macy Duarte      Untitled      Brookwood 
Second Place     Lexi Douglas     Blue Dog     Varnell 
Third Place     Sofia Mendez     Eric Carle Fish     City Park 
Honorable Mention     Yuridia Pimentel     Laurel Burch Cat     Roan 
Honorable Mention     Diego Cuna     African Safari      Park Creek 
Fourth Grade First Place     Leslie Hernandez     Spirit Tree    Park Creek 
Second Place     Hope Hambrock     Untitled     Brookwood 
Third Place     Gonzalo Barajas      Chinese New Year Rooster      Roan 
Honorable Mention     Laila "Sloan" Pender      Untitled      New Hope 
Honorable Mention     Eugenio Trujillo     Tropical Toucan     Roan 
Fifth Grade First Place     Luke Greear     Untitled     Christian Heritage  
Second Place     Aaron Alvarez     Space     Westwood  
Third Place     Elizabeth Somers     Fox     Westwood 
Honorable Mention     Zury Ramirez     Fantasy Animal Eye     Roan   
Honorable Mention     Carlos McKee     3D Thiebaud Cake      Roan 
Sixth Grade First Place     Lele Lama     Portrait     Dalton  
Second Place     Lilly Woodring     Untitled     Valley Point 
Third Place     Daria Lorimer     Portrait     Dalton 
Honorable Mention     Leo Medina     Iron Bird     Dalton 
Honorable Mention     Katie Rose Stanfield     A Beautiful World     Christian Heritage  
Honorable Mention     Neida Robles     Untitled     Valley Point 
Seventh Grade First Place     Sophia Waugh     Innocence     Christian Heritage 
Second Place     Carter Jones     Bobble Head     Valley Point 
Third Place     Lucy Miranda     Untitled     Valley Point 
Honorable Mention     Camey Rettew     Untitled     Valley Point 
Eighth Grade First Place     Sarah Fowler     Untitled     Dalton 
Second Place     Ramon Garcia     Untitled     Valley Point 
Third Place    Denise Moreno     Untitled     Valley Point 
Honorable Mention    Lindsey Caldwell     The Reader     Westside 
Honorable Mention     Abigail Hernandez     Untitled     Valley Point 
Ninth Grade First Place     Debbie Paniagua     Mercy     Northwest Whitfield 
Second Place     Baneza Mejia     Peacock      North Murray 
Third Place     Scarlett Horner     Wendigo     Northwest Whitfield 
Tenth Grade First Place      Laken Land     Agony Is Triumph     Dalton  
Second Place     Emme Steed     Implicit Demand For Proof     Christian Heritage 
Third Place     Hunter Cloer     Boots     North Murray 
Honorable Mention     Lara Edgeman     Starry Starry Night     Christian Heritage 
Honorable Mention     Maxmara Miranda     Shine     Dalton 
Eleventh Grade First Place     Sydney Stafford     Identity     Christian Heritage 
Second Place     Adriana Gutierrez     Lidia     Murray County 
Third Place     Hannah Holsomback      Untitled      Coahulla Creek 
Honorable Mention     Melissa Moctezuma     Untitled     Southeast 
Honorable Mention     Morgan Young      Seasons     Dalton 
Twelfth Grade First Place     Laura Shaheen     Picture Window     Dalton 
Second Place     Licet Hernandez     Seikatsu     Dalton 
Third Place     Allen Zhang     Untitled     Christian Heritage 
Honorable Mention     Juan Gonzales      Flowers and Secrets     Dalton  
Honorable Mention     Jennifer Bermudez      Color My World     Murray County 
Honorable Mention     Lupita Ferreira     Chameleon Batik     Dalton 


General Guidelines:

Pre-K - Grade 8:
Each school may send work equal to 5% of their student population or two pieces per grade level - whichever is greater. One work per student.

All two-dimensional artworks must be mounted on construction paper no smaller than 81⁄2” x 11” and no larger than 20” x 24”. We have a limited number of tables available for three-dimensional artworks. All entries must have an identification tag which corresponds to the school’s inventory list

Grades 9-12:
Each school may enter work equal to 5% of their student school enrollment or max of 20 entries - 5 per grade level, one per student.

All two-dimensional artworks must be securely mounted on mat board and must be able to be installed by push pins or an easel must be provided by the school. Framed artwork must be wired for hanging. Please contact the Guild regarding oversized artwork parameters, 706.217.6677. 

Teachers for grades Pre-K – 8 are responsible for hanging their own work. Guild staff will install high school work, while the Spigel winner is responsible for installing their exhibit. In order to preserve our walls please bring work that can be secured with push pins (supplied by the Guild). Framed pieces should be displayed on easels or be appropriately wired for hanging. The Guild has a limited number of easels, if your students need an easel for display please plan to provide your own. All artwork must be tagged and listed on the inventory sheet

Inventory Forms:
Please have the identification tags and inventory sheet(s) completed prior to bringing artwork to the Creative Arts Guild.

Inventory sheets must be provided for each school by grade level, including ART TOGETHER entries.

First, second, third and honorable mention place ribbons will be awarded for each grade level. Awards are made based on the student’s ability to use the materials, an understanding of art history or the student’s place in his/her world and innovative individual expression. At least one judge from outside the local education arena will make the selections. 

Art Together Collaborative Classroom Competition Guidelines:

The Creative Arts Guild and the O.N. Jonas Foundation sponsor an art competition for collaborative classroom projects. The winning classroom in each division will receive a $100 cash award to be used for an artist in residence fee, art supplies or other classroom art activity resources during the school year.

Each school may submit up to one entry per classroom.

Grades Pre-K - 2
Grades 3 - 5
Grades 6 - 8
Grades 9 -12

All artwork is displayed as part of Student Arts EXPO. Please ensure that the artwork and subject matter are appropriate for children pre-school age and up. Entries may be two or three-dimensional. All entries must include the appropriate hanging material. Entries must be labeled with the students’ names, school, grade level and teacher’s name. Each school is responsible for delivery, installation, and pick-up of entries at the Creative Arts Guild in accordance with the timeline included for the regular art exhibit. Each winning classroom in the above categories will receive a $100 award.

Important Dates:

Art Pick Up Monday - Tuesday, March 27th - 28th
All work MUST be picked up by Tuesday, March 28th by 5:00 pm

Teachers, please download the files you need:

General Student Art Inventory Form — use this for individual and collaborative submissions.

Student Tags for Artwork — labels to identify each student's work.

Parent Letter — send this letter to the parent of each participating student.

Spigel Art Inventory Form — use this for any Spigel Scholarship entries.

Download All Files