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Student Arts Expo

Student Arts Expo: March 3, 2023

Join us for a Gallery Opening + Artist Reception on Friday, March 3 from 5:30-7pm. Free and open to all! The exhibit will remain up during the whole month of March. Galleries are open during our normal operating hours or by appointment. To arrange for field trips or group viewings, contact Amanda Walker: 

Congratulations to the recipient of the 2022 Spigel Prize for Excellence in the Visual Arts, Dalton High School Senior Belisa Borrego!

March is Arts in Education Month at the Creative Arts Guild and the Guild’s 60th Annual Student Arts Expo is a big part of the celebration. All public, private, and home school students in Dalton/Whitfield County and Murray County are invited to exhibit.

The dancers of the Master Tier class of Ballet Dalton are proud to share their student-choreographed piece, "I Can't Breathe," as part of the 2022 Creative Arts Guild Student Arts Expo. The choice of the concept and music in addition to all choreography was created by the students.

The piece is told from the perspective of someone that is wrestling with anxiety and depression. It explores not only their daily struggle, but also the positive impact that can come from surrounding yourself with friends and community; the help from those around you can help to pull you out of a really dark place.

Dancers: Finley Bonanno, Grace Shatz, Eva Talbot, Asuka Terada, Emmalynn Underwood, Melanie Walker
Music: "I Can't Breathe" by Bea Miller

Congratulations to our 2022 First, Second, Third, and Honorable Mention ribbon recipients!



1st – Samuel Torres, Roan: “Stegosaurus” 

2nd – Sarah Cuevas, Park Creek: “Swimming” 

3rd - Sophia Rangel, Park Creek: “Lion King” 

Honorable Mention - Abril Martinez, Westwood: “Penguin” 



1st – Jayla Brewster, Varnell:  “Johnny Appleseed” 

2nd – Sutton Short, Chatsworth: “My Sister, Light of my Life” 

3rd - Carsyn Childers, Northwest: “Winter Owl”  

Honorable Mention - Peyton Dwight, City Park: “All Together” 


1st Grade  

1st – Margarita Ramirez Diaz, Roan: “Shaded Polar Bear” 

2nd – Hannah Cobb, Brookwood: “Caricature of Martin Luther King” 

3rd - Yarivelle Aladabra, Park Creek: “Untitled” 

Honorable Mention - Waylon Varnell, Chatsworth: “Marsh Marigold” 

Honorable Mention - Austin Loera, City Park: “Sunday Drive” 


2nd Grade  

1st – Mya Washington, Westwood: “Butterflies”  

2nd – Jazmin Gonzalez, Park Creek: “Colorful Rainbow” 

3rd - Marquis Lightsey, City Park: “From the Beach” 

Honorable Mention - Sarie Gil, Park Creek: “Catfish” 

Honorable Mention - Arayna Drobnick, Homeschool: “Flicker” 


3rd Grade  

1st – Francesco Garcia, Westwood: “The Art Teacher” 

2nd – Caroline Broadrick, Brookwood: “Martin Luther King Pop Art” 

3rd - Harper Nuckolls, Chatsworth: “Deer in Habitat” 

Honorable Mention - Katie Snow, Varnell: “Queen Elizabeth”  


4th Grade  

1st – Kristi Lopez, Chatsworth: “Train Ride in the Snow” 

2nd – Momoka Nagaike, Brookwood: “Chinese Lanterns” 

3rd - Eshal Ahmed, City Park: “After Picasso Self Portrait”  

Honorable Mention - Ava Posey, Northwest: “Winter Birch” 

Honorable Mention - Eva Segovia, City Park: “Le Coq” 

Honorable Mention - Katelyn Castro, Varnell: “The Wonder of a Rose” 


5th Grade  

1st – Jameson Keith, Varnell: “Amelia Eerie” 

2nd – Brianna Vidana, Roan: “Photo-realism Marbles” 

3rd - Arleen Lopez, Park Creek: “Bass vs. Crawfish" 

Honorable Mention - Miley Farmer, Cohutta: “Bubbles” 

Honorable Mention: Giselle Arana, Brookwood: “Downtown Imagination” 

Honorable Mention: Andrik Martinez, Brookwood: “ Creature From the Past” 



6th Grade  

1st – Emily O’Hara, Northwest Elem: “American Gothic Parody” 

2nd – Shelbie, Westside Middle: “Away Home” 

3rd- Elexious Gray, Eton Elem: “Starry Night Mountain”  

Honorable Mention: Caris Drobnick, Homeschool: “Artwork” 


7th Grade  

1st - Melany Bravo, Hammond Creek: “Tigers Eye” 

2nd – Mac Chandler, Westside: “ Pencil Sketch” 

3rd - Luna, Westside: “On Fire”  

Honorable Mention: Trag Lee, Westside: “Worry” 


8th Grade  

1st – Sofia Gonzalez, Westside: “Smile”  

2nd – Corina Ray, Bagley: “Gnome and Flower Basket” 

3rd – Karen Rangle, Gladden: “Pop Picasso” 

Honorable Mention - Willow Lewallen, CAG: “Light” 



9th Grade  

1st – Jennifer Diaz Gonzalez, Southeast: “Where did Hugo?” 

2nd – Melissa Ortiz, Southeast: “On Time”  

3rd - Gracey Chambers, North Murray: “Cruella DeVille"  

Honorable Mention - JJ Robinson, Coahulla Creek: “Napkin Moon” 


10th Grade  

1st – Priya Chaurchari, Christian Heritage: “Night Fall” 

2nd – Jade Thompson, North Murray: “Charcoal Still Life”  

3rd - Brianna Steininger, Murray County: “Behind Green Eyes” 

Honorable Mention - Emerson James, North Murray: “Octopus"

Honorable Mention - Fabian Mozqueda: “Trust the Process”  


11th Grade  

1st – Audrey Merryman, Dalton: “Artic Fox”  

2nd – Kristen Ogles, Murray County: “Practice Makes Perfect”  

3rd- Eli Baggett, North Murray: “Mid Day”  

Honorable Mention: Ashley Harwood, Northwest: “Breaking Tide”   

Honorable Mention: Daniel Saunders, Murray County: “Untitled” 

Honorable Mention: Aaliah Rodriguez, Southeast: “Untitled” 

Honorable Mention: Lizbeth Cadena/Vianey Lara, Coahulla Creek: “Bubble Skirt” 


12th grade  

1st – Rocio Arrendondo, Southeast: “Colorful Banqueta” 

2nd – Maria Albor Zamora, Southeast: “Untitled” 

3rd- Juan Flores Posada, Dalton: “Turtle Tea Pot”  

Honorable Mention: Bret Chandler, Dalton: “Landscape Study”  

Spigel Prize Finalists: Makayla Chastain, Joshua Cruz, Rebecca Hines, Alex Lynch

General Guidelines:

Pre K – Grade 5  
Each school may submit 2-3 pieces per grade level.  One work per student.   

Grades 6 – 8  
Each school may send 2 pieces per grade level.  One work per student.      

All two-dimensional artworks  for Pre-K - 8 must be mounted on construction paper no larger than 20” x 24”.  We have a limited number of tables available for three dimensional artworks. All entries must have an identification tag which corresponds to the school’s inventory list.  (Linked Below)

Grades 9 – 12  
Each  school may enter work up to max of 12 entries; 2-4 per grade level, one per student.     

All two-dimensional  artworks  must be securely mounted on mat board and must be able to be installed by push pins or  placed  on  an easel provided by the school. All framed artwork must be wired for hanging  or placed on an easel provided by the school.  Please contact Amanda Walker regarding oversized work perameters. 

All teachers are responsible for hanging their own work. The Spigel winner is responsible for installing their exhibit under the supervision of the Arts in Education and Executive Directors.  In order to preserve our walls please bring work that can be secured with push pins (supplied by the Creative Arts Guild).  Framed pieces should be displayed on easels or be appropriately wired for hanging. The Guild has a limited number of easels; if your students need an easel for display, plan to provide your own. All art work must be tagged on the front of the work and listed on the inventory sheet.   

Please have the identification tags and inventory sheet(s) completed  prior  to bringing art work to the Creative Arts Guild.   Inventory sheets must be provided for each school by grade level,  including ART TOGETHER  entries.  An inventory form must be completed for each  Bernice Spigel Scholarship artist.  

First, second, third place ribbons will be awarded in each grade level. Awards are made based on the student’s ability to use the materials, an understanding of art history or the student’s place in his/her world and innovative individual expression.  At least one judge from outside the local education arena will make the selections.  

Art Together Collaborative Classroom Competition Guidelines:

The Creative Arts Guild and O.N. Jonas Foundation sponsor an arts competition for collaborative classroom projects. The winning classroom in each division will receive a $100 award to be used for an artist in residence fee, art supplies or other classroom art activity resources during the school year.    

Each school may submit up to one entry per grade group.       

Categories:  Grades Pre K - 2; Grades 3 - 5; Grades 6 - 8; Grades 9 -12  

Artwork is displayed as part of Student Arts EXPO.  Please ensure that the artwork and subject matter are appropriate for children pre-school age and up. Entries may be two or three dimensional.  All entries must include the appropriate hanging material and signage denoting title, school, grade level, and teacher’s name.  Entry forms must include students’ names, school, grade level and teacher’s name. Each school is responsible for delivery, installation, and pick-up of entries at the Creative Arts Guild in accordance with the timeline included for the regular art exhibit.  Each winning classroom in the above categories will receive a $100 award.

Bernice Spigel Prize For Excellence in Visual Arts

Now in its 22nd year, the Bernice Spigel Prize for Excellence in the Visual Arts was created to honor the amazing work done for the arts in our community by the Creative Arts Guild's first Executive Director and encourage more talented young people in Dalton/Whitfield and Murray Counties to explore the arts. After a stint at a New York ad agency where she worked with artists such as Andy Warhol, Bernice Spigel came to Dalton and nurtured the Creative Arts Guild through its infancy. Her decades in Dalton were marked by a selfless advocacy of the arts, education, and children's causes. This $1000 award is eligible to any public, private, or home-schooled Senior residing or attending school in Dalton/Whitfield or Murray County. See the info packet linked below for more specific information and guidelines.

Guidelines and Forms

Student Arts Expo Info Packet

Bernice Spigel Prize Info Packet

Artwork Identification Tags

Artwork Inventory Sheet


Important Dates:

Spigel Prize In The Visual Arts Senior Portfolios Due For Judging: Thursday, February 10
Additional Spigel Prize dates listed in Award Guidelines
Install - All Grades Tuesday, March 1 and Wednesday, March 2
Gallery Opening & Reception

Friday, March 4, 5:30 - 7:00pm
Free and Open to All

Exhibit Dates March 4 - March 25
Our Galleries are open during our normal operating hours or by appointment. Please contact Amanda Walker to arrange field trips or other special viewings.
Collaborative Art Pick Up

Monday, March 28 - Wednesday, March 30
All Work Must Be Picked Up By Wednesday, March 30 at 5 pm