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Noah Stokes — Are You Ready For Some Football? and, Other Things You Are Fanatical About!
February 2nd, 2018 — 5:30-7:30


About Noah Stokes:

I’m an artist but have not always considered that a positive thing. Growing up, I was sure I was going to play baseball for a living. I knew I had talent, but I lived in a small South Georgia town void of an artist community. The artists I knew lived in “vans down by the river,” and that was not for me. After high school, I did the thing expected of me, and went to college.  Doing everything but go to class, it wasn’t long before I found myself back home and punching a clock at the local paper mill. It was at this point that I began to question what direction my life was heading next. Thanks to the advice of a doting aunt, I became convinced to go to art school and it was there that I found my calling.

After art school, I began working as a package designer for a plastics manufacturer. At my new job I designed everything from popcorn to potting soil packaging. Soon my mother would say, “My son is an artist but I don’t have anything on my walls to prove it.” She wanted to brag on me – but not enough to put an Earthgro Cow Manure bag on her wall. So I decided to teach myself to paint with the idea of doing a duck or a landscape painting to go over my mom’s couch.  Problem was, I wasn’t into ducks and landscapes and so I never finished the projects I started. It wasn't until I had the idea to paint sports, music and movie icons that I developed a passion for my craft. 

People are the focus of my work. The reason caricatures appeal to me is that it allows me to paint not only what is visible but also what is true. Combining exaggeration with realism, I add a dash of humor to capture what is unique about my subjects. I seek to celebrate and honor the things that are meaningful to my life and world, and give what I see its proper due.

It a pure joy to be alive today and I'm very thankful that I have been able to build a career doing what I love. I hope you enjoy and connect with what you see. 

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