Visual Arts


CubisME by Mabel Leon.

Mabel León, born November 21 / 1992 in Cali - Colombia.

From an early age she was known for her artistic sensitivity. Every surface was space of adventure for her pictorial expressions. She still retains some of these early works on newspapers, cardboard, and paper.

Throughout her life she has been developing and consolidating these skills, through formal studies in 2D and 3D works. Mabel studied Advertising in Colombia in 2009. She then traveled to Argentina where she pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts with Emphasis on Sculpture in the University of La Plata for 3 consecutive years; where she acquired the knowledge of sculpture, printmaking, painting, ceramics and murals.

Her works, inspired by personal experiences, emotions and the conception of love, represents her imaginary world in a geometric concept, with pure and vibrant colors, precise lines and textures. In it, we can glimpse the interest of this artist cubist, abstract and pop art.

She identifies and finds inspiration with many well-known artists in technique and material, including Pablo Picasso and Wassily Kandinsky, using acrylic on mounted framed canvas in small and large scale.

“My art is defined by the joint of lines and living colors, leaving my reality and reflecting my personality.”