Visual Arts


OPENING February 3: Conasauga River Project

Presented by artist Juno, this is an immersive mixed media exhibit featuring photos and video documenting the artist's experiences on the Conasauga River. Exploring themes of conservation, community, and legacy through the lens of joy and stewardship, the artist aims to connect people with their natural resources and celebrate the efforts of the community to secure its sustainability for generations to come.  

A self-described multi-passionate entrepreneur, Tanqueray Harper, AKA “Juno” is a visual storyteller who is committed to community engagement and meaningful work that leads to practical impact. Juno has spent the last ten years developing skills in storytelling as a photographer by day and performance artist by night and is currently most passionate about the work she is doing in conservation. By creating shared community experiences that are specifically crafted to connect people to the natural world around them, Juno’s newest work is meant to be immersive and to inspire action. Additionally, her work as an early education teaching artist has inspired her to add an educational enrichment component to all her artistic projects, one geared towards young developing minds through age-appropriate arts-integration experiences relevant to the subject matter. Juno is dedicated to implementing and over time evolving strategies that create free access and exposure to art for families from diverse backgrounds.  

As a Family and Newborn Infant Photographer turned Conservation/Community Engagement Photographer, Juno has developed a unique perspective when it comes to visual storytelling that is purposefully guided by capturing joy. Influenced by many photojournalists and publications that successfully showcase the power of photo stories, Juno aspires to find, research, and craft multimedia artwork in the next stage of her career that tell stories of hope and joy from unique perspectives that could otherwise not be seen by the general public. 


Opening March 3:

Student Arts Expo - Artwork from local K-12 students from Dalton/Whitfield and Murray Counties