Visual Arts


Student Arts Expo

March is Arts in Education Month at the Creative Arts Guild and the Guild’s 59th Annual Student Arts Expo is a big part of the celebration. All public, private, and home school students in Dalton/Whitfield County and Murray County are invited to exhibit.

Congratulations to our First, Second, Third, and Honorable Mention ribbon recipients!



1st – Samuel Torres, Roan: “Stegosaurus” 

2nd – Sarah Cuevas, Park Creek: “Swimming” 

3rd - Sophia Rangel, Park Creek: “Lion King” 

Honorable Mention - Abril Martinez, Westwood: “Penguin” 



1st – Jayla Brewster, Varnell:  “Johnny Appleseed” 

2nd – Sutton Short, Chatsworth: “My Sister, Light of my Life” 

3rd - Carsyn Childers, Northwest: “Winter Owl”  

Honorable Mention - Peyton Dwight, City Park: “All Together” 


1st Grade  

1st – Margarita Ramirez Diaz, Roan: “Shaded Polar Bear” 

2nd – Hannah Cobb, Brookwood: “Caricature of Martin Luther King” 

3rd - Yarivelle Aladabra, Park Creek: “Untitled” 

Honorable Mention - Waylon Varnell, Chatsworth: “Marsh Marigold” 

Honorable Mention - Austin Loera, City Park: “Sunday Drive” 


2nd Grade  

1st – Mya Washington, Westwood: “Butterflies”  

2nd – Jazmin Gonzalez, Park Creek: “Colorful Rainbow” 

3rd - Marquis Lightsey, City Park: “From the Beach” 

Honorable Mention - Sarie Gil, Park Creek: “Catfish” 

Honorable Mention - Arayna Drobnick, Homeschool: “Flicker” 


3rd Grade  

1st – Francesco Garcia, Westwood: “The Art Teacher” 

2nd – Caroline Broadrick, Brookwood: “Martin Luther King Pop Art” 

3rd - Harper Nuckolls, Chatsworth: “Deer in Habitat” 

Honorable Mention - Katie Snow, Varnell: “Queen Elizabeth”  


4th Grade  

1st – Kristi Lopez, Chatsworth: “Train Ride in the Snow” 

2nd – Momoka Nagaike, Brookwood: “Chinese Lanterns” 

3rd - Eshal Ahmed, City Park: “After Picasso Self Portrait”  

Honorable Mention - Ava Posey, Northwest: “Winter Birch” 

Honorable Mention - Eva Segovia, City Park: “Le Coq” 

Honorable Mention - Katelyn Castro, Varnell: “The Wonder of a Rose” 


5th Grade  

1st – Jameson Keith, Varnell: “Amelia Eerie” 

2nd – Brianna Vidana, Roan: “Photo-realism Marbles” 

3rd - Arleen Lopez, Park Creek: “Bass vs. Crawfish" 

Honorable Mention - Miley Farmer, Cohutta: “Bubbles” 

Honorable Mention: Giselle Arana, Brookwood: “Downtown Imagination” 

Honorable Mention: Andrik Martinez, Brookwood: “ Creature From the Past” 



6th Grade  

1st – Emily O’Hara, Northwest Elem: “American Gothic Parody” 

2nd – Shelbie, Westside Middle: “Away Home” 

3rd- Elexious Gray, Eton Elem: “Starry Night Mountain”  

Honorable Mention: Caris Drobnick, Homeschool: “Artwork” 


7th Grade  

1st - Melany Bravo, Hammond Creek: “Tigers Eye” 

2nd – Mac Chandler, Westside: “ Pencil Sketch” 

3rd - Luna, Westside: “On Fire”  

Honorable Mention: Trag Lee, Westside: “Worry” 


8th Grade  

1st – Sofia Gonzalez, Westside: “Smile”  

2nd – Corina Ray, Bagley: “Gnome and Flower Basket” 

3rd – Karen Rangle, Gladden: “Pop Picasso” 

Honorable Mention - Willow Lewallen, CAG: “Light” 



9th Grade  

1st – Jennifer Diaz Gonzalez, Southeast: “Where did Hugo?” 

2nd – Melissa Ortiz, Southeast: “On Time”  

3rd - Gracey Chambers, North Murray: “Cruella DeVille"  

Honorable Mention - JJ Robinson, Coahulla Creek: “Napkin Moon” 


10th Grade  

1st – Priya Chaurchari, Christian Heritage: “Night Fall” 

2nd – Jade Thompson, North Murray: “Charcoal Still Life”  

3rd - Brianna Steininger, Murray County: “Behind Green Eyes” 

Honorable Mention - Emerson James, North Murray: “Octopus"

Honorable Mention - Fabian Mozqueda: “Trust the Process”  


11th Grade  

1st – Audrey Merryman, Dalton: “Artic Fox”  

2nd – Kristen Ogles, Murray County: “Practice Makes Perfect”  

3rd- Eli Baggett, North Murray: “Mid Day”  

Honorable Mention: Ashley Harwood, Northwest: “Breaking Tide”   

Honorable Mention: Daniel Saunders, Murray County: “Untitled” 

Honorable Mention: Aaliah Rodriguez, Southeast: “Untitled” 

Honorable Mention: Lizbeth Cadena/Vianey Lara, Coahulla Creek: “Bubble Skirt” 


12th grade  

1st – Rocio Arrendondo, Southeast: “Colorful Banqueta” 

2nd – Maria Albor Zamora, Southeast: “Untitled” 

3rd- Juan Flores Posada, Dalton: “Turtle Tea Pot”  

Honorable Mention: Bret Chandler, Dalton: “Landscape Study”  

Spigel Prize Finalists: Makayla Chastain, Joshua Cruz, Rebecca Hines, Alex Lynch



Opening May 6:

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