2019 Student Arts Expo Winners


Congratulations to our 2019 Student Arts Expo Winners!

1st Place: Untitled by Jazmin Gonzalez, Park Creek
2nd Place: Isa by Destiny Rogers, Murray Count Pre-K
3rd Place: My Grandma by Aeryian Starling, Westwood
Honorable Mention: Mommy & Daddy by Keidy Gonzalez-DeLeon, Blue Ridge

1st Place: When I’m 100 by Maya Norton, Varnell
2nd Place: Fall Pumpkin by Peycen Elliot, Varnell
3rd Place: Turkey by Samuel Liu, Brookwood
Honorable Mention: Untitled by Avalynn Chadwick, City Park

1st  Grade
1st Place: Snowman by Mateen Sheikh, Brookwood
2nd Place: Zebra by Maria Garnica, Roan     
3rd Place: Shading by Libba Thompson, Brookwood
Honorable Mention: Peacock by Sophia Blue, Varnell

2nd Grade
1st Place: Gyotaku Fish by Brianna Vidana, Roan
2nd Place: Untitled by Ashley Torres, Park Creek
3rd Place: Fall Leaves by Delaney Reynolds, Brookwood
Honorable Mention: Winter Landscape by Danna Camacho, Westwood

3rd Grade
1st Place: Pear by Clayton Thompson , Brookwood
2nd Place: Untitled by Nareli Mercado, Park Creek
3rd Place: Autumn Makes a Point by Caris Drobnic, Homeschool
Honorable Mention: Self-Portrait by Jocelyn Gonzales, Westwood

4th Grade
1st Place: Untitled by Benjamin Bautista, Park Creek
2nd Place: Fall Tree by Georgia Claire Sanders, Brookwood
3rd Place: Wire Sculpture by Daniel Garcia, Westwood
Honorable Mention: Rose by Trinity Paulison, Varnell

5th Grade
1st Place: Untitled by Andrew Rivera, Park Creek
2nd Place: Weaving by Carly Deane Bramlett, Brookwood
3rd Place: Untitled by Xander Queen, Westwood
Honorable Mention: Hidden Country by Anahi Guzman, Blue Ridge

6th Grade
1st Place: Untitled by Delia Flanery, Westside         
2nd Place: Programmed to Receive by Georgia Lee Hegwood, Homeschool
3rd Place: Fall Leaf by Gabriella Martinez, Eastbrook
Honorable Mention: Meadow by Campbell Stockard, Dalton Middle

7th Grade
1st Place: Neon Life by Karla Archila, Valley Point
2nd Place: Percy by Ashlyn Miller, North Whitfield
3rd Place: Olivia by Gabriel Pitts, Homeschool
Honorable Mention: Untitled by Juan Ramirez, Dalton Middle

8th Grade
1st Place: Untitled by Leonardo Medino, Dalton Middle
2nd Place: Campbell by Chrissy Garvin, Westside
3rd Place: Ode to Modi by Myracl Cabe, North Whitfield
Honorable Mention: Untitled by Ashton Tanner, Dalton Middle

9th Grade
1st Place: Untitled by Jamie Smith, Dalton High
2nd Place: Litch by Makayla Chastain, Northwest
3rd Place: Untitled by Yasmeen Issa, Dalton High
Honorable Mention: Tulip Mouse by Keela Hight, North Murray

10th Grade
1st Place: Christmas Card by Ansley Patterson, Northwest 
2nd Place: Untitled by Jennifer Lopez , Dalton High
3rd Place: Baldr by Kennedy Walker, Northwest
Honorable Mention: Tuyo by Paloma Vazques, Dalton High

11th Grade
1st Place: Night Lights by Holly Potts, Dalton High
2nd Place: Canela by Shulleyma Centeno, Northwest
3rd Place: Untitled by Emily Jaimes, Murray High
Honorable Mention: Amelia Earhart by Debbie Paniagua, Northwest

12th Grade
1st Place: Tribute to Teacher by Skylar Hegwood, Northwest
2nd Place: Untitled by Annelize Cruz-Juarez, Dalton High
3rd Place: Untitled by Diego Paloblanco, Southeast
Honorable Mention: Steam Powered Ghosts by Dayanara Viella Galeas,  Dalton High