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NOW SHOWING July 8 - August 26:
Robert Schoolfield: A Familiar Stranger

Gallery Opening + Artist Reception for this exhibit will be held on Friday, August 5 from 5:30-7:30pm.

Since being young I have set out towards creating something completely unique that would stand among great artists. My expectations have always been to create artwork that would be in galleries and museums, and even art history books. I suppose I have a big imagination. While it’s the most honorable thing, I have always dreamed beyond the glory of my first drawings hanging on my grandmother’s fridge. It’s cherishable, but I have gratefully been blessed enough to graduate from those moments, and to continually have an outlet of expression such as art.  

I have learned many things along my journey. One being, preparation. I wanted to be prepared for when my moments arrived. An example would be this art show. As an artist, I needed art, so I have made a lot over the years. How can I fill an art gallery if I didn’t have artwork? I knew that when opportunity arrived, I would need to be ready. I always held the artwork above any type of artistic appearance, or lifestyle. While the momentary vague, distant – brief dream of being socially accepted due to identifying as an artist seem enticing, I did not let it override my work ethic, or take my sights off my main focus, which has always been to make the best artwork that I can and to continually improve myself. I didn’t need to prove anything to feel accepted, and I knew that the artwork would speak for itself, as long as I was staying true Robert, and to the familiar stranger within. One of the biggest lessons I have learned is to be happy for others and to celebrate their victories, as well. I didn’t need to be ‘better than’. I continually work on myself instead. If something isn’t working out, then I look for areas of improvement, and I re-evaluate myself. Sometimes there is more that I need to learn, and there is always room for gratitude.  

Throughout my lifetime I have noticed something in all things. Simply put, it is greatness, creativity, the reason for life... God. There is a force that is being expressed in everything that I see, when it comes to my personal experiences with life, and my reality. Maybe yours is similar. As an artist, I show up to create being completely free and open to express my truest – most raw self. When I see creative expressions in everyday life, whether in nature, graffiti, sports, music, something well written, food, or anything else, it is as if I am encountering a familiar stranger – some kind of spirit or entity responsible. It is a knowing, an encouragement, a reminder, or some mysterious reveal.. perhaps even guidance and a reason to carry on. It all depends on what my mind relates to or thinks of while I am experiencing those encounters. Being the artist, I am the vehicle. Creating is an opportunity and an honor, and I am fortunate to be able to share such intimate moments with infinity. While I, Robert Schoolfield, is the artist, the familiar stranger within is responsible, yet I am also ‘one’ with this familiar stranger, so there is my own personality and style thrown in the mix. After many encounters with myself in an art studio, I have developed a level of awareness about relationship with creativity that I cannot deny. At the end of the day the familiar stranger is the truest – most constant thing that I can rely on. I’m grateful for what I get to do, and I embrace the journey. 


Opening August 5:

Robert Schoolfield

Opening September 16:

FESTIVAL 2022 Indoor Patron Exhibit