Visual Arts


NOW SHOWING: The Fun Side: The Art of Making + Collecting


Hi, we are the Miranda Salgado Family, and we are art fanatics. We love art in any form, shape, or fashion. The exhibition is about what we have collected throughout our livess and is also our livelihoods. Our love, passion and taste for art does not discriminate between a Rembrandt, Art Toys, Folk Art or even Design. For us, Art is the epitome of living life less stressful, a more colorful life and less grey. Art is the fun and glimpse ray of light for the boring monotonous life. We believe that everyone should embrace art in general, regardless from who or what is about, in order for us to make this world a better world. A kind world, a world with more respect towards different ways of thinking. Art can make your life better, no doubt. By the way, Art does not require to be a connoisseur or have a degree or any type of education to enjoy it.