Visual Arts


Mandy Wilson: Reliquaries of Alabama ​
Quilts, Boxes, Assemblage 

"In this body of work, I seek to understand my personal motivations as to why I make art. I discovered that my childhood experiences with certain women in my family, and the quilts they made, were the genesis of my own creative explorations.​

This work is the most personal work that I have ever produced. It is my hope that it reflects the admiration and appreciation that I have for the women who inspired me."

Mandy Wilson is a fiber/mixed media artist and sculptor living in East Tennessee. She graduated in 2000 from the University of North Alabama with a B.A. degree in Art Education and Photography, and received her Master of Arts degree in studio arts in 2021 from Northwestern State University. She continues to further her artistic education by taking workshops across the southeast. Her work has been featured in numerous exhibits and shows around the south east including the American Quilters Society show in Paducah Kentucky, 2013 and 2018, and also the annual Dogwood Exhibition of Regional Art, 2021.  

Mandy began her career focusing on photography but quickly realized that mixed media would best serve her multitude of different interests. Her current work, “Reliquaries of Alabama” is a collection of mixed media boxes honoring the women in her family who inspired her as a child. She currently teaches visual art, photography and sculpture at Walker Valley High School and mixed media at Lee University. 

“Learning, teaching and making creative work are essential to my being. I have worked in many areas of art and craft including quilt-making, paper arts & book binding, painting, assemblage, pottery and printmaking. Recently, I have been particularly interested in growing and processing my own dyes in order to be more directly involved in the customizing of my own creative raw materials. Whether it is making my own paintbrushes, fabric dyes, inks, handmade papers or pottery glazes, I find deep satisfaction in having my hand be involved in every step of the creative process.”