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Jonas Performance Hall

Playing off the literary device of a framed story, the Civic Arts League, Inc. exhibit, “Framed Stories”, folds the individual story of each artist into the larger “frame” of the Civic Arts League via a series of work meaningful and relevant to that artist.  

Often literally framed renderings, each story says something about the artist’s personal story. Some seek to relay personal experiences thematically such as “Emma and the Blue Boy” capturing the relationship between a girl and her horse; longed-for “Simpler Times” depicted by main streets, old trucks and coffee cans; the beauty of innocence and purity represented in “Children are Precious”; the emotional mystery and texture of water portrayed “Under the Sign of Aquarius”; the joy of meandering captured in “Back Roads and Byways’; the spiritual connectivity of animals and humans embodied in the “Feather and I”; and, the transition of ashes (breast cancer) to hope (remission) in the “Journey of Hope” series. Many artists tell their story through content, utilizing specific images such as Converse tennis shoes to convey personal messages of relationship in the series “Conversing”; depicting seasonal variations of a mannequin to share a narrative in “Nature’s Dance”; capturing the ever-changing canvas of the sky to urge viewers to “Take Time to Look Up”; finding a single rose or iris as the vehicle for saying “Beauty is Their Name”; or capturing pastoral images of sheep and goats to convey “Tranquility”. Other artists focus on color to carry the weight of their story using vibrant reds and oranges in the peppers “Upon a Closer Look”; painting a rainbow of colors in “Color Trees”; drawing upon the rich hues of mother earth in a “Series III, Earth’s Sienna and Umbers”; capturing the deep greens and browns of “One with Nature”; and, employing metallic golds and blood reds in “Cityscapes and their People”. Some artists find shapes their primary device for telling their story, such as “Buildings”; some speak through technique and methodology such as in “Acrylic Pours”; and, still others draw inspiration and storyline from the material world around them like “Merging Metal with Canvas”.  With texture, imagination, and sensitivity, each civic-minded artist contributes his or her unique “story” to the strength and beauty of the “framed story”. 

As the oldest art alliance in Chattanooga, The Civic Arts League, Inc. maintains successful art is built upon successful relationships. The Civic Arts League, Inc. (CAL) is a creative cluster, held together by common value and purpose. The “frame” of CAL’s story is the shared ideology and goals of promoting cultural, educational and public arts; advancing the accessibility of original art; and, encouraging artistic pursuit, opportunity, and standard.  The strength of the organization is both its diversity and communion. Thank you for sharing your story by taking part in our “Framed Stories” Exhibit. 


Upcoming Exhibits in our ON Jonas Performance Hall:
Nicole Song
Over The River and Through the Woods
June 2 — July 28, 2017
Keith McFarland August 4 — October 19, 2017
Festival of Trees November 3 — December 2, 2017