Visual Arts


Language of Layers

Language of Layers is an acrylic and mixed media exhibit by the artists of MMIA (Mixed Media Inspired Artists) who work and exhibit in Chattanooga, TN and the surrounding area. The title of our exhibit reiterates the working methods and philosophies that we employ to achieve our goals as artists. We work as Layerists. 

Layerists operate on the notion that building up surface textures, colors and lines allows the composition and content to emerge slowly, partly through the efforts of the artist and partly through the emergence of unexpected effects and images as we work. 
Depending on the painting being viewed, layers may consist of artist-generated papers, washes of acrylic color, texture gels, metal leaf, and found materials. There may be many layers in some cases, in others, only a few. The goal of the Layerist is the enjoyment of the picture plane upon first glance, plus the discoveries to be made upon more extensive interactions with the piece over time. 

Relax and enjoy, take an extra moment to abide with pieces that pull you in, to fully  experience the journey of the artist as she brought this piece to life.