Visual Arts


Keith McFarland — Larger Than Life

Born and raised in north Georgia, Keith McFarland was always artistic. As a youngster, he utilized pens, pencils, and charcoals. He excelled at art in high school with one of his pen-and-ink drawings traveling as far as China for an international exhibit.

Life got in the way, as it usually does, and his artistic side took a hiatus while he focused on career (mechanical engineering) and family. But such passions are rarely extinguished completely and the artistic spark was rekindled with the advent of digital photography in the early 2000’s.

But after almost a decade of digital shooting, something just didn’t quite feel right. On a whim, he purchased a 1990’s Mamiya C330S medium format film camera. And in so doing, he found what he had been seeking. It felt right again. So, into the rabbit hole he went.

Rabbit holes are deep. Keith now uses an assortment of film cameras ranging from 35mm Canon AE-1’s to a large-format 1933 Deardorff 8×10. The Mamiya fills the gap in between. He has a machine to help develop his film at home and two enlargers to make silver gelatin prints. Rabbit holes are deep.

Keith looks forward to sharing his images and experiences in the upcoming “Larger Than Life” exhibit:

“Most prints show the viewer what I saw. But I want the viewer to understand what I felt. Printed in these sizes, the images become immersive. For some images, viewers must literally turn their heads from one side to the other to encompass the entire scene, just as I did when I was standing there taking it. It doesn’t just show them what it looked like. It takes them there.”

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