Visual Arts


Nicole Song — Over The River and Through the Woods

I frequently commute from my home near the banks of the Tennessee River to visit family at my childhood home in the woods on the West Brow of Lookout Mountain, Georgia. I am constantly in awe of the whimsical plants and animals that I see. This series is a tribute to our local ecosystem and its myriad beautiful wild things. They were each designed so well and perfectly by some Grande-Force. These paintings are a process of discovery for me, a blend of art, science and education, and my small but genuine effort at environmental activism. I paint using either acrylic on canvas or gouache on paper. I have found that these paints are fairly forgiving mediums which allow me to be spontaneous in my technique. There is a certain aliveness in sketchy lines and painterly strokes that I feel works well to breathe life into these living things frozen in a moment.

Upcoming Exhibits in our ON Jonas Performance Hall:
Nicole Song
Over The River and Through the Woods
June 2 — July 28, 2017
Keith McFarland
Larger Than Life
August 4 — August 21, 2017
FESTIVAL Indoor Exhibit September 15 — October 19, 2017
Festival of Trees November 3 — December 2, 2017