The Creative Arts Guild is excited to announce their 2019 international ballet competition particip


The Creative Arts Guild Dance Department will be taking select dancers to participate in the regional Youth America Grand Prix International Ballet Competition (YAGP) for the second year. The regional leg of this competition is held in Atlanta from January 17-20 and culminates in a full day of master classes taught by notable dance instructors, directors and professional dancers from around the world.

The mission of YAGP is to support and develop world-class dancers, ages 9-19, of all economic, ethnic, and geographic backgrounds by providing scholarship auditions, performance and education opportunities, and by serving as the global network of dance, connecting students, teachers, schools, dance companies, dancers, and audiences. By participating in this dance competition, the Guild Dance Department offers their students an opportunity to dance with other like-minded students in an atmosphere that promotes professional dance as a lifelong choice and one that honors the history, tradition, culture and excellence offered in the dance world.

Participating dancers are Ballet Dalton Senior Company dancers Ariel Bruner, Cianna Bruner, Trinity Bruner, Emma Hackney, Violet Pasqua, Holly Potts, Gabby Shatz, and Julia Tucker. In addition to their company class schedule, these dancers have committed themselves to a YAGP prep class and monthly private lessons throughout the school year to ready for this competition. The Creative Arts Guild sends their deepest support and best wishes for a rewarding and successful competition weekend!

Back row left to right: Cianna Bruner, Gabby Shatz, Emma Hackney and Violet Pasqua

Front row left to right:  Ariel Bruner, Holly Potts, Trinity Bruner and Julia Tucker