New Ballet Dalton Members for 2018-2019


Auditions were held on Tuesday, May 15th at the Creative Arts Guild Dance and Gymnastics Center on Cleveland Highway for eligible students. The Guild Dance Department is proud to announce its 2018-2019 new dance company members:

Junior Apprentice Company: Ivana Becerra, Finley Bonanno, Trinity Guo, Sophia Pichardo, Joselin Tamay and Melanie Walker

Junior Company: Callie Ridley

Senior Apprentice Company: Libna Amaro, Katie Clement, Grace England, Lyndi Jensen, Adia Rann, Claire Regal, Gabby Shatz, and Julianne Staten

Senior Company: Gracie Bell, Ariel Bruner, Cianna Bruner, Trinity Bruner, Mia Carvajal, Abby Crossen, Charlotte Edwards, Emma Hackney, Kate Havelin, Violet Pasqua, Holly Potts, Elyse Rann, Taylor Stallings, and Julia Tucker