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We strive to offer the highest quality gymnastics program possible. We are dedicated to helping all students reach their potential, both physically and mentally, through the sport of gymnastics for toddlers, children, teens, and families for promotion of lifelong wellness. Our goal is to provide a unique atmosphere to enhance that cultivates listening skills, confidence, self-esteem, self-discipline and responsibility.

For the school age student, the Guild offers developmental gymnastics classes based on skill progression and achievement. Students learn in a disciplined and enthusiastic atmosphere with an emphasis on safety. In addition to degreed and certified instructors, the Guild's studio is equipped with a state-of-the-art foam tumbling floor, balance beams, vault trainer table, a regulation bar, and skill building shapes and mats to aid in progressive development.

Involving your child in gymnastics at an early age can be an extremely rewarding experience. Along with an hour of fun and frolic, children are able to experience how their body moves, socialize with other children and enjoy the thrill of learning a new skill while building muscular strength, coordination and cardiovascular endurance. For those whose future includes dance at the Guild, the tumbling program grounds children in their sense of motion and grace.

Not only can the program be tremendously enjoyable for kids, but parents love to watch as the little ones gain confidence and a sense of identity in the process. We are proud that our program is structured to instill in children a love of exercise and healthy eating. Get fit, eat well and live long.

The Guild is very proud of its well-qualified faculty; our instructors are more than just teachers of physical skill and sport.... they are also friends, mentors, coaches, motivators, and always a steady fan-club for the young athletes who participate in our programs. 

Listed in this schedule are class descriptions and times.  For up to date class times, availability and registration, please visit our Registration Portal

For information about our gymnastics classes and team contact Guild Gymnastics director Amanda Walker at


Spring 2017 Schedule

Preschool Program   

Directed by Gymnastics Director Amanda Walker   


Gym Tots                                     Ages Walking - 3 Years 

$50/month                                                      Class Length: 45 Minutes 

This class is open to boys and girls that are walking to 3 years of age.  You and your gym tot will be guided through a fun-filled adventure, focusing on jumping, rolling, swinging and more! Students will begin to develop strength, flexibility, coordination, and confidence, focusing on dominant movement patterns.  A fun environment for the student, and his/her favorite adult, to explore fundamental skills and drills together. 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
10:00-10:45am   6:15-7:00pm 5:15-6:00pm


Mini Stars                                                  Ages 3-4 Years

$50/month                                                      Class Length: 45 Minutes

This class is for boys and girls that are 3 years old. This class is open to independent boys and girls to explore basic gymnastic fundamentals in a themed environment in a fun atmosphere. Children begin to develop basic gymnastics skills, while improving coordination and dominant movement patterns.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
  5:15-6:00pm 5:15-6:00pm 4:15-5:00pm


Mini Rocks                                                Ages 3-5 Years

$50/month                                                      Class Length: 45 Minutes

This class is for boys or girls who are 3-5 years of age. This is a combined class with Mini Stars and Rock Stars. This is a perfect class for siblings within this age range to take a class together.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
1:00-1:45pm     12:15-1:00pm


Rock Stars                                                 Ages 4-5 Years

$50/month                                                       Class Length: 45 Minutes

This class is for independent boys and girls 4-5 years of age where they learn to explore basic gymnastic fundamentals in a themed environment. Children focus on developing the building blocks of gymnastics, strength and flexibility in a fun filled positive environment.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
4:15-5:00pm 6:15-7:00pm 5:15-6:00pm 6:15-7:00pm


Recreation Program

Directed by Gymnastics Director Amanda Walker  

Girls Recreational Program

The Girls Recreational program is for girls who are in Kindergarten and up. The program introduces developmentally appropriate skills using the USA Gymnastics Level System in a fun, safe and structured environment using our own innovative and progressive drills. This recreational program for girls includes vault, bars, beam and floor instruction. Emphasis is also placed on conditioning and flexibility that allow additional avenues for skill accomplishment, body and spatial awareness and muscle memory retention for girls. Safety is our number one priority. Students are required to master fundamentals of current level before progressing to the next level. Student evaluations will be conducted throughout the year to keep you informed. Classes are split into 3 levels depending on age and skill ability: Rec 1, Rec 2 and Rec 3


Rec 1                         Ages 5-8 (Must be in Kindergarten)                    

$55/month                                                       Class Length: 60 Minutes

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
3:15-4:15pm 3:15-4:15pm 7:15-8:15pm 6:15-7:15pm
7:15-8:15pm 7:15-8:15pm    


Rec 1                         Ages 5-8 (must be in Kindergarten)                    

$55/month                                                       Class Length: 60 Minutes

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
5:15-6:15pm 5:15-6:15pm 4:15-5:15pm 5:15-6:15pm


Rec 1                                                                      Ages 9+                     

$55/month                                                       Class Length: 60 Minutes

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
6:15-7:15pm 4:15-5:15pm 4:15-5:15pm  
  6:15-7:15pm 5:15-6:15pm  


Rec 2                                                                      Ages 9+                     

$55/month                                                       Class Length: 60 Minutes

Students are required to master fundamentals of Rec 1 before progressing to the next level. Students may not register for this class without instructor’s approval.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
4:15-5:15pm 6:15-7:15pm    


Tumbling Program 

Directed by Gymnastics Director Amanda Walker 

A high energy atmosphere for students interested in perfecting tumbling skills. Major emphasis is placed on strength and conditioning, proper body form and safety. This balance will provide each student the ability to progress throughout the year and be ready for those Spring Tryouts!


Tumbling T.5                                                         Ages 7+

$55/month                                                      Class Length: 60 Minutes

This is an introductory class where students will learn the beginning fundamentals and basics of tumbling.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday


Tumbling 1                                               Must be 8 years

$55/month                                                      Class Length: 60 Minutes

Learning the fundamentals and basics of tumbling, proper forms and progressions to round off back handspring.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
7:15-8:15pm 4:15-5:15pm    


Tumbling 2/3                                             Must be 8 years

$55/month                                                        Class Length: 60 Minutes

Learning drills for standing back tucks, aggressive tumbling, and consecutive back handsprings. Students are required to master fundamentals of Tumbling 1 before progressing to the next level. Students may not register for this class without instructor’s approval.*Round off to back handspring with light assistance required.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
  7:15-8:15pm 7:15-8:15pm  

Boys Gymnastics 

Directed by Gymnastics Director, Amanda Walker

Boys Gymnastics teaches boys ages 5 and up through the instruction of gymnastics fundamentals, conditioning and flexibility. Each student will increase his agility, body control, strength and balance that will benefit any other sport. Tumbling, strength and flexibility, horizontal steel bar and vault drills will be a few of the skills learned.


Boys                                                                      Ages 5+ 

$55/month                                                      Class Length: 60 Minutes

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday


with Ethan Young, A.D.A.P.T. Certified Instructor

Parkour is an explosive art of movement, a discipline that enables the practitioner to travel freely through and over any terrain they may encounter, and the world's fastest growing 'free sport'. Parkour focuses on developing the fundamental attributes required for movement, including balance, strength, dynamism, endurance, precision, spatial awareness and creative vision. Beyond this simple explanation, however, parkour is a discipline of self-improvement on all levels, an art that reveals to the practitioner his or her own physical and mental limits and simultaneously offers a method to surpass them.


Tuesday 8 Week Sessions Thursday 8 Week Sessions
Session 1: August 16th - October 4th
Session 2: October 11th - December 6th
       *no class November 22nd*
Session 3: January 10th - February 28th
Session 4: March 7th - May 2nd
       *no class April 4th*

Session 1: August 18th - October 6th
Session 2: October 13th - December 8th
       *no class November 24th*
Session 3: January 12th - March 2nd
Session 4: March 9th - May 2nd
       *no class April 6th*

Tuesday May Session (2 Weeks) Thursday May Session (2 Weeks)
Session 5: May 9th - May 16th
       *2 Week Session $40
Session 5: May 11th - May 18th
       *2 Week Session $40

Parkour Elementary:                 Kindergarten - 5th grade  

$125/8 Week Session (1 day/week) or $225/8 Week Session (2 days/week)
$25 Drop-In                                                            Class Length: 60 Minutes 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
  4:15-5:15pm   5:15-615pm

Parkour Middle School:                            6th - 8th grade

$125/8 Week Session (1 day/week) or $225/8 Week Session (2 days/week)
$25 Drop-In                                                            Class Length: 60 Minutes 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
  5:15-6:15pm   4:15-5:15pm

Parkour Adult:                                       9th grade - Adult

$125/8 Week Session (1 day/week) or $225/8 Week Session (2 days/week)
$25 Drop-In                                                            Class Length: 60 Minutes 

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
  6:15-7:15pm   6:15-7:15pm


Open Gym Program

Open Gym is a supervised, non-instructional, time for your child to come and play! Children do not have to be students of Guild Gymnastics & Cheer, but a waiver MUST be signed by a parent to participate.

Pre-School Open Gym                Ages Walking - 4 years                                                                                    

$5 per Child                                                                                                            

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday


Kids Night Out                        Kindergarten + 

$15 per Child per Day                                  **Snack and Drink Provided                                                                                            



Guild Gymnastics Competitive Team

The competitive Compulsory, Optional and Excel team commits to train 6-14 hours per week and to travel throughout the Southeastern Region for competition and training camps. Gymnasts must be 5 years of age by July 31st to try out. Click here for more info on team!

Contact Amanda Walker at


Guild Gymnastics Policies

Registration: Visit our Registration Portal to register for classes.  Registration is taken throughout the year and on first come-first serve basis.  A $30 Yearly Registration Fee will be charged at time of Registration for Fall Classes. Classes with less than 5 students are subject to close due to low attendance or registration. All student families of the closed class will be contacted prior to the last day. Staff members will also assist in finding placement in another class.

Tuition is due by the 10th day of each month. A $10 charge will result in late tuition.  

Session: Yearly session is August 11th 2016-May 18, 2017.  Although months vary in the number of weeks, Monday-Saturday classes receive 38 taught classes throughout the Fall Session. Tuition remains the same each month.

Make Up Classes are not offered due to strict student to teacher ratio.  Missed classes are will not result in make-up classes, pro-rated tuition or refunds.  Additional Open Gym days are offered throughout the year giving additional gym hour opportunities and training. Taking advantage of the free Open Gym times can equal a potential of 4 additional hours to add to each students' annual class. Students may come of the day of their class and stay for the entire 3 hours.  This is a supervised open gym time and is not an instructional time. 

Open Gym Dates 

November 21st-22nd 

December 12th-15th 

February 20th-24th  

May 15th-18th

Spring Gymnastics Recital: All Gymnast's at the Center will perform in the Spring Recital is May 19-20, 2017.  Fee of $25 per child or $40 per family is due by March 1st.  This fee is for instruction, awards and t-shirt.  There will be admission fees for both events at the door.  

Class Attire: Girl gymnasts are required to wear a class leotard this year.  $55 Costume fee is due at when you register for classes.  One Costume per student.  The class leotards, t-shirts and tanks may be purchased in the Guild Shop. The gymnasts hair must be pulled back in a ponytail for class.  Boys are required to wear t-shirts and comfortable shorts with no zippers or buttons.  Tumbling classes are required to wear t-shirt or tank and comfortable shorts.

If you have any questions, please contact any of the staff below or call 706-529-3442 ext. 1.  

Gymnastics Director: Amanda Walker