Children’s Hill

Welcome to Our Multi-Cultural Children's Hill!

Join us as we travel around the world and learn about different countries! We will learn some fun facts, do crafts together, and explore how the arts are at the center of all of the world's cultures and the lives of all people!

For each country listed below, you can stop by the Creative Arts Guild's annual FESTIVAL September 17-18 to learn more about the country and do crafts/activities to help you learn about them. If you cannot stop by FESTIVAL - don't worry - you can make some of these crafts at home! Check out the PDFs linked with each country for all of the lists of materials and instructions. We've also included the links and instructional videos from 2020's crafts in case you want to try those too.   

So let's travel and explore together! Bon Voyage!

In addition to traveling around the world, don't miss these wonderful multicultural performances and demonstrations that will take place in the Children's Hill Performance Tent throughout the weekend.

Welcome to Brazil!

Explore Brazil With Fun Facts

Welcome to China!

Explore China With Fun Facts

Chinese Zodiac Signs PDF

Chinese Dragon Puppet Cut Out PDF

Welcome to Egypt!

Explore Egypt With Fun Facts

Pharaoh Headdress PDF

Fun With Heiroglyphics PDF

Welcome to Germany!

Explore Germany With Fun Facts

Lebkuchenherzen Recipe PDF

Lebkuchenherzen Paper Craft PDF

Welcome to India!

Explore India With Fun Facts 

Elephant String PDF


Welcome to Mexico!

Explore Mexico With Fun Facts

Calacas (Skull Mask) Cut Out PDF

Papel Picado (Mexico Flag) Templates and Instructions PDF

Welcome to United Kingdom!

Explore United Kingdom With Fun Facts

FESTIVAL Shakespearean Sonnet PDF

Nine Men's Morris Game PDF

The Rules of Nine Men's Morris PDF

Thank you for traveling around the world with us! We hope you had fun and learned a lot about arts and culture accross the globe!