Creative Arts Guild REOPENS

  • Date: June 1, 2020
  • Time: All Day Event
  • Location: 2518 Cleveland Highway, 520 W. Waugh St.

The Creative Arts Guild misses our students, families, and patrons desperately and we are very eager and excited to see you all back in classes, back at events and back to enjoying the arts. As businesses are being encouraged to reopen and as we take steps towards reactivating the Guild, we, of course, know that while the curve of coronavirus has been flattened and social distancing seems to have succeeded in its purpose, all of us are feeling different levels of comfort in our readiness to jump back in to “normalcy”. With that said, we want to assure you that as we open our programming and facilities on June 1, we have worked hard to be prepared so that we can do so responsibly and safely. Click HERE to read our guidelines.